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Soft-Story Retrofitting

In California, buildings are more prone to experience earthquake damage due to the seismic activity from the fault lines. As we saw in the San Francisco and Northridge earthquakes, not having your soft-story or commercial building retrofitted correctly could prove to be very dangerous. With earthquakes comes heavy structural damage when a building isn’t properly supported. Buildings that are affected the most are Soft-Story buildings. A Soft-Story building is classified as any building that has two or more stories above an open space such as a garage or store. Without the proper earthquake retrofitting in place the area underneath the upper levels is soft and collapses when laterally shaken. Hence where the name “soft-story” comes from. With the new Ordinance 184081 in place all Los Angeles buildings that fall within the LADBS Soft-Story criteria must do the mandatory retrofit program (see below for links).  Buildings in Los Angeles have been found to be structurally inadequate and at risk if a large earthquake were to hit. Taylor Foundations and Construction has the necessary licensing and team to make sure your building is with in compliance.


Important Links:

LADBS (Los Angeles Department of Building and Safety)

Ordinance 184081

Services Provided:

  • Inspection
  • Engineering
  • Plans
  • Tenant Habitability Plan
  • Permits
  • Project Completion  

Soft-Story Retrofitting 3 Step Process:

Step 1-Inspection and Proposal:

  • Call for a free Inspection
  • Inspection within 3-5 business days
  • Proposal and Bid within 3-5 business days
  • Accept Proposal and Bid

Step 2-Enginering:

  • Official Plans are sent to LADBS
  • Plans are approved or disapproved

-Disapproved plans are revised and resubmitted

  • Tenant Habitability Plan is created and receives approval
  • LABDS provides permit

Step 3-Construction:

  • Foundation Work is complete
  • All Framing Work using Steel Bar Moment and Grade Beams is complete
  • Plywood along with Sheathing and Fireproofing is complete
  • LADBS completes inspection
  • Concrete is poured
  • Finishing Cosmetic and Paint are completed
  • LADBS conduct final inspection
  • LADBS provides Certification of Compliance

Soft-Story Retrofitting at a Glance:

  • Break the concrete slab
  • Install new reinforcement beams underneath the old concrete poles
  • Pour new concrete to hold new beams
  • Have a completely retrofitted structure!!

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