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Residential Retrofitting

Earthquake Retrofitting is the modification of existing structures to make them more resistant to seismic activity, ground motion, or soil failure due to earthquakes. What this means is, we make sure your house is safely secured to the foundation underneath so that it can withstand any forces applied to it. How it works is we bolt your home to the foundation and then make sure all the components are safely connected to the house. If your house is not properly earthquake retrofitted an earthquake could cause Sliding, Racking, or Overturning. There are multiple ways your home can be secured. The most common techniques used are: Holdown Brackets, Cripple Wall Bracing, and Foundation Bolting. Along with these techniques we use, connectors, clips, foundation bolts, mudsill blocking, plate washers, and double studding to secure your home. At Taylor Foundations and Construction our staff has years of experience with earthquake retrofitting. Our highly skilled teams use the best material in the industry to make sure they execute the job to the highest standard in a timely manner.


Common Retrofitting Techniques:

  • Anchor Plates
  • Roof Nailing
  • Shear Wall Bracing
  • Roof To Wall Anchors
  • Anchor ties Across the Building

Hold Down Brackets



Residential Retrofitting Diagram

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