We specialize in

Concrete, Basement, And Pier And Beam Repair.

We love nothing more than to provide the comfort of a solid foundation to our clients. Don’t let the fear of a foundation issue scare you away from a possible investment. Expedited services are available and have become increasingly popular with the flipping of homes in the current housing market. We will work with you on a time frame &budget to best accommodate your current, future long or short term investment.

A strong foundation is the most important thing you can have with a home or business. It is critical that you address any issues promptly. We can offer a complete line of foundation repair services to homeowners including:

Pier and Post Replacement

If your home is supported by piers or posts and one is broken or compromised, Taylor Foundations can offer you fast and safe pier or post replacement services.

On-site Management

Taylor Foundations offers on-site management and complete service for all repair jobs. Taylor Foundations does not sub-contract any of its work and performs all jobs with its own professionals.

Full Inspection

Including under the house for raised foundations – We can inspect any type of foundation thoroughly to ensure that the house is safe and to determine the type of repair that is appropriate. Whether the house is raised or is built with slab construction, Taylor Foundations can perform a professional and complete inspection.

Earthquake Retrofitting

California residents are always concerned with earthquake safety and readiness, and Taylor Foundations can retrofit earthquake safety measures to any existing home to protect from tremors.

Strapping & Bracing

We offer a variety of strapping and bracing methods that can support foundations for almost any purpose.

Joist/Support Beam Relpacement

If floor joists or support beams are damaged, our team can offer replacement with the latest techniques to give homeowners the least invasive options for repair.

Cripple Wall Repairs or Replacement

Taylor Foundations can repair or replace damaged walls, including cripple walls.

Cosmetic Restoration

Taylor Foundations completes all repairs thoroughly, including cosmetic restoration. Unlike some other repair companies that require the homeowner to find a separate contractor for cosmetic repair, we will paint or stucco and take the steps necessary to leave the home in pristine condition.

Occupied or Vacant Home Repair

Taylor Foundations can repair both occupied and vacant homes.

Helical Piers to the Boardwalk

Unlike pile-driven piers, helical piers can be added under a home with relatively little clearance and can attach the piers deep within the bedrock for more stability, even in the face of earthquakes or flooding.

Engineering Inspection for PML Rating

When a home has been damaged by a disaster, our experts can provide a Probable Maximum Loss engineering inspection accepted by most insurance companies and government agencies.

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